problemy se zavislostmi mavenu pri prechodu netbeans 6 -> 6.1, jdk 1.5 -> 1.6

Petr Burdík pet na
Čtvrtek Červen 19 11:30:24 CEST 2008

pouzivam mevenide ve spojeni s netbeans 6. Pri prechodu na freebsd7,  
nakopirovani .m2 repozitare do preinstalovaneho systemu a prechodu na  
netbeans 6.1 mi hlasi netbeans tvrdosijne podobne hlasky jako je tato:

Scanning for projects...
snapshot org.codehaus.mojo:cobertura-maven-plugin:2.2-SNAPSHOT: checking  
for updates from codehaus-snapshots
[WARN]repository metadata for: 'snapshot  
org.codehaus.mojo:cobertura-maven-plugin:2.2-SNAPSHOT' could not be  
retrieved from repository: codehaus-snapshots due to an error: Error  
transferring file
Repository 'codehaus-snapshots' will be blacklisted
[WARN]Failed to load plugin descriptor for: Plugin  
[org.codehaus.mojo:cobertura-maven-plugin]. Assigning this plugin to be  
resolved again just prior to its execution. NOTE, This may affect  
assignment of the mojo: clean if its default phase (given in the plugin  
descriptor) is used. Check debug output (-X) for more information.
[WARN]Skipping addition to build-plan for goal: clean in execution: clean  
of plugin: org.codehaus.mojo:cobertura-maven-plugin because no phase  
information was available (either through the mojo descriptor, which is  
currently missing, or in the POM itself).
[ERROR]Maven cannot calculate your build plan, given the following  
[ERROR]- clean
[ERROR]- install
[ERROR]Current project:
[ERROR]Group-Id: net.itbridge
[ERROR]Artifact-Id: itsynapse20
[ERROR]Version: 2.0-SNAPSHOT
[ERROR]From file: /home/pet/work/svn/itsynapse20/trunk/pom.xml
[ERROR]Error message: Failed to load plugin descriptor for:  
org.codehaus.mojo:cobertura-maven-plugin:2.2-SNAPSHOT:clean. Cannot  
discover it's default phase, specified in its plugin descriptor.
[ERROR]Root error message: Unable to download the artifact from any  
For more information, run with the -e flag
Total time: < 1 second
Finished at: Thu Jun 19 11:07:26 CEST 2008
Final Memory: 95M/123M

Divne ale je ze z prikazove radky ten pom file normalne nakompiluju.

Ve starem systemu mi normalne tento pom kompiluje. Nesetkali jste se  
nahodou s podobnym chovanim?


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